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About lyvs

lyvs is a Swiss company that specializes in the production of high-quality CBD products whilst operating in accordance with strict pharmaceutical standards. lyvs has been founded by the brothers Navjot and Jasjot Singh and Stefan Hafner. It is their aim to set new standards in the CBD industry in terms of trust and safety. After a long phase of planning and experimentation, the idea for lyvs was born: a regional brand from Switzerland that brings the versatile effects of CBD directly to your doorstep, while also operating in accordance with strict pharmaceutical standards and providing a high quality product. We only want to offer you the best possible quality. That's why our CBD oil is exclusively made from organic hemp. lyvs is a brand you can trust.

Our mission

It is our mission to change the lifestyle of people around us in a positive way. CBD has shown a positive effect in many ways However, many people don't know enough about CBD and there is a certain stigma attached to it because it is still often associated with marijuana. Therefore, it is also our priority to educate people about the benefits of CBD. We believe that CBD should not be missing in any household and we understand it is our duty to promote exactly that.

Our vision

lyvs will be the leading supplier in the Swiss CBD industry. lyvs will be the regional brand you can trust and rely on. Through the educational work of lyvs, CBD will be perceived as a natural product that everyone can benefit from. Our product will become a recognisable symbol of natural wellness and self-determination.

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